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Art education -- for non-artists -- is usually said to be about appreciation of values somehow, it's often not at all clear what "values" actually means, if anything. What do other Indian people think about this? Email it to me, for this page: Indian opinions about values in art. But before you do, check out most everything in both "halves" below -- first, market values, then maybe some other kind. The images are part of it; use NetScape's GO menu item's History to return here. Then to email an opinion, click on it here, and go to the Indian Opinions About Art Values page, there is a pre-addressed email form there.

First half (down to the "4 suns" line) is values of: the market--the classy art marts of Santa Fe and other Arizona-New Mexico tourist art gallery towns, and scattered ones found elsewhere, where money wanders about looking to buy. The Indian artist who is accepted here can make a lot of money (of course the dealers take a big cut, and make a lot more). Check some of those prices.

Note:Almost all of these links, and the corresponding site design, have changed since Paula wrote this page. I will leave here words so you can "see" what she saw, but will try to update the links, as best I can. New links have been added to available posters of many of these artists works. KMS

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