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NOTE: A few of these articles may be illustrated but most of them are all or mostly text for explanations and reference.

Children of Clay: A Family of Pueblo Potters,--Hypertext review-essay of 3 books -- one for grades 3-8, one for younger children ages 5-8, and one for adults of any age -- about the Swentzell-Naranjo family of Santa Clara Tano-Tewa potters and ceramic sculptors. Links to rlevant historical, cultural, art, and geographic info web sites that are part of the essay make the essay itself a self-directed research project for students in grades 3-8--for social studies, multicultural learning, history, art. Because native pottery is primarily a women's craft (and modern Native ceramic fine artists have mainly been women of this tradition), it's an especially involving research project for girls, but should be appealing to anyone who's ever had fun playing around with clay, and that's just about all of us in our early years.

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